New Year. Who this?

With a new year comes new expectations for oneself. As we slip further down the tunnel of ageing, each year the idea of a new year and a new start seems oh so promising……

Why are we as people so compelled to transform into a ‘newer’in some way ideal version of ourselves after a 12 month spell of adventure, learning and growing you may ask? Well, whether or not we will openly admit it, everyone wants a second chance. The idea that you can start again free of self judgment, guilt or disappointment is more a psychological idea that we as humans indulge in because honestly once you hit 20 no one polices you anymore and you’re basically on your own. The yellow brick road of adulthood that we all steadily sprint up during our teens comes to a screeching halt and you my friend have to figure ‘the meaning of life’out on your own.

There is no handbook or set of rules to keep you in line.

So with each passing year we pick and sideline various personal and professional aspects of our lives that we intend to erase from existence or drastically change in the upcoming new year. Although some will argue that the idea of pushing restart on a specific day is ridiculous the concept of the new year for me  is basically a psychological cleansing.

Like failing a maths test after you spent a leisurely afternoon studying, the new  year represents a moment, well 12 months of redemption. A second chance to study harder and get a better grade on that test.

I’m still on a mission to take over the world, however I would like to be more organised, and change my eating habits. Procrastination and second guessing are probably the kryptonite of my life but like all things in human existence nothing is obsolete and they too shall be conquered.

Ways that I have implemented to help me make this change:

1.Created large (A2 sized) Vision Maps. Which are divided into yearly and monthly goals

      2. Create daily timetables that help me keep track of time spent per project

       3. Have a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle

So whether this is a new me or the updated slightly trimmed version, only time will tell. All in all I would like to achieve my goals which is to make more art, travel and of course take over the world.

Love & Light




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